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White label

Maintaining brand consistency is important. White labelled reporting allows you to apply your branding, meaning you can create a unique experience for each of your clients.

Customize entire dashboard interfaces, from the sign-in page and the logos right down to the colours and lingo.

Keeping an eye on both your business’ and clients’ numbers is crucial to your success, so reporting shouldn’t be complicated or time-consuming. With Klipfolio, report with ease without sacrificing customization power.

Ninja Services

Whether you need a quick question answered or training in advanced topics, Ninja Services gives you one-on-one interactive sessions to work on whatever you need help with.

In addition to monthly support sessions, you will benefit from priority ticket handling - jumping to the top of our support queue for any issues you submit.

SSL Domain Alias

SSL Domain Alias allows your customers to log into Klipfolio through a domain of your choosing.

Take your white label experience to the next level by replacing Any Published Links in the account will also use this domain. Domain Aliasing requires that an SSL certificate bundle and private key for your domain be installed on Klipfolio's servers.

Create beautiful, custom client reports

Forget about manual month-end reporting. With Klipfolio, you can create custom, recurring reports for for your clients. Here is the work that some of our Agency Partners have done. The possibilities are endless.

Cervinodata Logo

Multichannel Advertising Dashboard

We understand that your ad efforts span many different platforms and your client's success is dependent on your ability to deliver quality inbound leads. But how do you prove your digital advertising campaigns are working? If you're stuck creating manual reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis Klipfolio can help.

A Multichannel Advertising Dashboard like this one from our Partner, Cervinodata, lets you combine data from all of your ad platforms, making it easier to report on total marketing spend, conversions, and ROI. You can also use the data from these multiple channels to build customized metrics and KPIs that tell the story of your digital ad performance.

Dashboard Multichannel Logo

Top Social Media Metrics Dashboard

Social media marketing is all about engagement, although measuring engagement can be a challenge. Each social media platform offers its own vernacular and unique metrics (not to mention its own specific challenges). A social media dashboard reconciles social media metrics into a single reporting interface that can be shared to everyone on your marketing team.

A Social Media Dashboard like this one from our Partner,, allows you to track engagement metrics across multiple platforms using a single interface. Social media dashboards pull data from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest to create unified metrics reports.

Top Social Media Metrics Dashboard
RootedElm Logo

Email Engagement Dashboard

Marketers are taking a data-centric approach to email marketing by tracking metrics associated with each campaign to determine what content resonates with their audience, and what content needs to be rethought.

Data-driven marketing doesn't just mean measuring and analyzing data; data-driven marketing uses data to show how marketing campaigns are contributing to the attainment of key business objectives, like new revenue. This dashboard created by our Partner, RootedElm showcases how their audience interacted with an email campaign.

Dashboard Email Engagement

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