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6 GoSquared metrics to take your website analytics dashboard to the next level

6 GoSquared metrics to take your website analytics dashboard to the next level

Advanced web analytics tools like GoSquared take you beyond your basic web stats. GoSquared provides real-time insight into your web visitors, users, and customers; it’s a buffet of rich web analytics that is accessible enough that everyone on your team can use the data.

Why does this matter? User-based web analytics allows you to see exactly who is on your website and what actions they are taking. The issue with out-of-the-box reporting is that it’s generic and one-size-fits-all. Imagine this scenario: you’re trying to understand the adoption rates for a newly launched feature. If you look at all web visitors, you’re going to get a very different picture than, say, if you were to look at customers on a certain pricing plan (whom you developed said feature for).

This level of granularity is mandatory, especially when decisions you make on your web app, mobile app, or ecommerce store are directly tied to revenue. Don’t worry guys: GoSquared’s got you covered.

GoSqauared website analytics dashboard

Good news everyone! GoSquared has a free trial option, so make sure to check it out for yourself: https://www.gosquared.com/join/

OK, now that you’re up and running with GoSquared, it’s time to see what you can build with Klipfolio. Of course, the benefit of building a GoSquared dashboard in Klipfolio is that you can combine and mash that data up with other rich sources like Salesforce (to tie web decision directly to revenue) or Shopify (to see the correlation between web changes and ecommerce revenue).

Here’s a basic GoSquared dashboard to whet your appetite.

GoSquared Metrics | Example Dashboard

GoSquared metrics for your website analytics dashboard

Getting started on your GoSquared dashboard is as simple as using our Klip Gallery (which is pretty darn easy). Here are 5 metrics you can add to your dashboard to get started right now:

Get started with Klipfolio and GoSquared

Ready to get started on your GoSquared dashboard? Here are some resources to help:


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