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2011 Business Intelligence predictions

Pervasive access to data

The next twelve months will see operational BI become more pervasive within the enterprise, at all levels, driven by the increased accessibility offered by mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, Blackberrys and Google Android devices. Likewise, Business Intelligence and Dashboard vendors will continue to optimize the user experience to leverage these mobile devices as viable portals for viewing and interacting with critical data. Expect to hear a lot more about web and mobile dashboards. Learn more about the difference between operational dashboards vs. analytical dashboards.

To the cloud!

We will see the introduction of more SaaS and cloud based BI offerings that will make BI affordable and more accessible to the small, medium enterprise (SME) with a pay-per-use model, removing the capital expense of an on premise BI deployment.

Industry specialization

The change in the cost and deployment model will also see the emergence of niche vendors specializing on BI for a specific vertical, or audience (i.e. Healthcare). The push for more business dashboards will continue as cost for storage and CPU cycles fall and capacity and speed increase.

All of these trends – mobile access, investments in ease of use and self-service and a lower cost barrier will work in concert to bring KPIs and operational BI to a greater audience. And that's something we're excited about because there are direct correlations between broad awareness of performance data and overall company performance.

This article is a bit outdated!

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