First annual Cyber Monday Sale

At a time when people are sharing time with those they most love, to share a meal, and to think about who and what they are thankful for, it is fitting for businesses to do the same. Although often said, we are genuinely thankful for the confidence and true support our customers extend every day with their continued business.

Being a startup gives us a unique perspective on business, and one that makes us especially thankful for having such loyal customers. We spent a lot of time contemplating how very fortunate we are, and how we could recognize and reward the confidence that you – our amazing customers – place in Klipfolio.

That’s when we decided to join in on all the fun with an old-fashioned, retail-style Cyber Monday sale. We toyed with the idea of a Black Friday sale, but felt like Cyber Monday was more our style.

Here's the deal:

  • Get 50% of any new seats purchased between Dec 1 and Dec 5.
  • The discount will remain in effect until Cyber Monday next year.
  • Only applies to existing accounts and doesn't combine with any other discounts.
  • This discount only applies to new seats incrementally added during this period. Reducing the number of seats, and then increasing seats will not result in the discount being applied to seats that existed prior to the sale.
  • Full list of terms & conditions