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Performance dashboards keep Brickshare on track towards meeting their business objectives

Klipfolio provides Brickshare with real-time metrics showing data like investments approved, total...

Mitch Dupuis- January 24, 2019

Turn sales into an exciting adventure with leaderboards

In the past years, Gamification has become the major tool of improving organizations’ overall...

Aleksandra Vetrova- January 23, 2019

Real-time KPI dashboards help Gogoprint improve their NPS rating from 42% to 77% in less than one year

Sales, Customer Support, and Artwork Closing teams use Klipfolio to monitor their real-time...

Mitch Dupuis- January 23, 2019

VuPulse is monitoring performance on-the-fly using real-time dashboards

All of their clients want to see their data differently and Klipfolio allows them build these...

Mitch Dupuis- January 22, 2019

Why you need to become a data storyteller

Becoming a data storyteller is the best way to package your data so that it is accessible,...

Mark Brownlee- January 24, 2019

4 dashboards our marketing team uses to track the metrics that matter most

We use many tools and platforms to lay a foundation that supports our marketing strategy; without...

Marisha Sesto- November 8, 2018

What does it mean to have a data-driven mentality?

Our client said her team began using our dashboards to cultivate a mindset throughout the fabric of...

Brett Knowles- November 1, 2018

How our Asana dashboard changed the rhythm of our meetings

Asana takes advantage of Klipfolio's REST API to boost productivity.

Alastair Barlow- September 28, 2018

The Fundamental Klipfolio OKR Dashboard

OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) is a methodology used to encourage employee success through clear...

Ben Mulholland- September 26, 2018

Designing the Right Dashboard

With a simple Google search someone can find many articles about how to design a great dashboard...

Dimitris Vogiatzis- September 13, 2018

The Real Time Strategy Dashboard

You cannot manage today’s business with metrics and dashboards that date back to the 1960’s, yet...

Brett Knowles- September 6, 2018

Making the 2020 Business Dashboard

Employees didn’t matter, product quality didn’t matter, just that sweet profit at the end of the...

Brett Knowles- September 5, 2018

Building Your Salesforce Dashboard - An Ultimate Guide

Wanting to master Salesforce reporting? Look no further...

Katya Zeisig- August 15, 2018

Klipfolio Partner How-To #1: Duplicating dashboards across client accounts

We all know maintaining strong partnerships is crucial to a business’ success. Forming and...

Stef Reid- July 5, 2018

Dashboard journalism: A beginner’s guide

Journalism is changing.

Reporters used to celebrate their numerical illiteracy.


Mark Brownlee- April 4, 2018

New Office, new interactive floor plan in our dashboard

Klipfolio is a platform to visualize various metrics that can help businesses determine the...

Garrod Houweling- March 26, 2018

Electrolux works with Klipfolio to track sales metrics and KPIs for their European offices

Andreas Tóth, the Online Sales Manager at...

Mitch Dupuis- March 6, 2018

How to use Marketo data to build a dashboard your team can monitor

I’ll show you how Marketo data doesn’t have to be hard to get and your results can be much more...

Phil Gamache- February 9, 2018

Dashboards become the centerpiece of Teldio's management and operations

Teldio is a two-way radio applications developer founded in early 2008. Their primary focus lies...

Valerie Hamilton- March 21, 2018

4 Steps to Designing a Dashboard That Inspires Action

So you’re ready to build your first dashboard. Great! Check out these 4 easy steps to design an...

Mitch Dupuis- December 20, 2017