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Make your company’s data the source of your next blog post

The days of hiding your data where no one can see it are behind us. Here’s why you should be making...

Mark Brownlee- January 16, 2019

Data’s Great Escape: Our predictions for 2019

Here’s what we are predicting for 2019! The coming year will see free-range data and all the...

Brett Knowles- January 7, 2019

Strategic Planning and The BIG Impact of SMALL Data

Strategic success does not come from just choosing long term strategic goals, it comes from the...

Brett Knowles- December 20, 2018

Most Click-Through Data Is Wrong, and Here’s Why

Like all things, measuring email effectiveness involves identifying the right metrics.

Dave Moll- August 29, 2018

Data Driven Agency Series Chapter 2: Using data to foster lasting customer relationships

In this blog we dive into the 5 ways to build partnerships that last: ensure you and your partner...

Marisha Sesto- October 15, 2018

Enriching Culture Through Survey Data: It's Not Easy Being Green

Picture the last time you had a health-related appointment. Did you have to wait in the reception...

Lisa Wester- July 23, 2018

How we are using A-B testing to refine our pricing model – Part 2

Our A-B test on a new pricing model ran for just over two months. During that time, we compiled...

Allan Wille- March 4, 2016

Klipfolio + Zapier = A match made in business dashboard heaven

This week we’ve added a powerful new integration to our lineup of all star web apps that can power...

Jonathan Taylor- March 3, 2016

How we are using A-B testing to refine our pricing model – Part 1

In 2012, Klipfolio created a pricing model based on the type of customer we were looking to attract...

Allan Wille- February 26, 2016

Using Facebook's Graph API Explorer to retrieve Insights data

Learn how to use Facebook's Graph API Explorer to retrieve Insights data from your Facebook page....

Jonathan Taylor- April 11, 2014

How to use the Google Analytics Query Explorer to export data

The Google Analytics Query Explorer is a fantastic way to retrieve raw web analytics data for your...

Jonathan Taylor- February 9, 2017