Faster, easier, and more fun… What $6.2-million in new financing will do

Allan Wille
Allan Wille, Co-Founder

Published February 25, 2015, updated Apr, 07 2021

Funding announcement

We have some very exciting news to share. Today we’re announcing the completion of a $6.2-million equity financing round, led by OMERS Ventures, which closed earlier this month.

OMERS Ventures is one of Canada's largest pension funds, with more than $65 billion in net assets, and they "get it". With a portfolio that includes enviable SaaS companies such as Shopify, Wave and Hootsuite, they share with us the idea of disrupting established markets with a self-serve, consumer approach – easy, fast, fun and affordable.

We completed a seed round a year ago with some really amazing early stage investors. Each of these original seed stage investors - BDC Ventures, Boldstart, Common Angels, Mistral Venture Partners, Fundfire, and Acadia Woods – are all participating in this round. We could not be more honoured by the support and confidence.

This is really good news for you as a customer or partner. We know you want us to improve on the mobile experience; we know you’ve asked us for templates and connectors; we know that two-thirds of you are not in our time zone, and are patiently waiting for 24-hour support; and we know performance and uptime are critical to your "job security". To make this happen, we will be growing our team – adding developers, expanding our quality and operations teams, hiring UX specialists, and building our support and success teams to be available to our customers throughout the world. There’s lots to do – but we’re all on board and excited to make it happen.

A heartfelt thank-you to the entire team here at Klipfolio (oh btw, we’re hiring); our investors and advisers for their grasp and guidance; and our customers, who continue to amaze us with their passion, support and feedback.

Starting next week, I will begin sharing with you stories from Klipfolio’s journey. We’ve worked hard to get here and we’ve learned a few things. I am eager to let you in on some of the these, and tell you how we deal with the challenges we regularly face. Stay tuned.

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