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Our blogs on how to connect to you data, build visualizations, and deploy your dashboards

Learn - Salesforce Course Blog

Building Your Salesforce Dashboard

This monster blog covers everything you need to know about building a Salesforce dashboard - From picking out your KPIs to sharing your dashbaord with colleagues!

Learn - Building a Sales Team Leaderboard

How to build a Sales Team Leaderboard

Want to start tracking your sales team's performance against business goals and targets? This blog covers how to build your leaderboard in Klipfolio.

Learn - Accounts Receivable Dashboard

How I turned our company’s accounts receivable data into a dashboard

How did we use our own product to monitor our accounts receivable? Mitch walks you through his process and why he knew he needed to visualize his data in the first place.

Learn - Google Sheets

Google Sheets: Best practices to prepare your data for publishing in your dashboard

These days, using Google Sheets to store data is pretty common. Here are the best practices of Google Sheet management to prepare your data for exporting into a dashboard.

Learn - Building a HubSpot Report

Building custom HubSpot reports and dashboards with Klipfolio

As a leading sales and marketing platform, HubSpot is an incredibly powerful tool. The power behind it grows even stronger when it's paired up with a custom dashboard. Learn how to work with the HubSpot API to build a world-class dashboard in Klipfolio!

Learn - Elements of Dashboard Design

Dashboard design: On comparison values

A dashboard can have all your most important data on it, but unless it's designed properly, it's likely not going to help you that much. Check out this blog in a series of dashboard design tips!

Learn - Marketer's Guide to APIs

The Marketer's Guide to APIs

We know APIs sound scary, but with a bit of reading, they're totally managable! This blog walks you through the basic 101 knowledge all marketers should know about APIs so this once scary term won't hold you back.

Learn - Building an Excel Dashboard

Building a dashboard with Excel data in Klipfolio

Almost all business preofessionals use Excel for at least a fraction of their work. Here's how you can connect with Excel and work with you data to create a killer Klipfolio dashboard.

Learn - Using the Google Analytics Query Explorer to Export Data

How to use the Google Analytics Query Explorer to export data

The Google Analytics Query Explorer is a fantastic way to retrieve raw web analytics for your website. This blog teaches you how to use the Query Explorer to export data into your account.

Learn - 5 Things You've Always Wanted to do in Klipfolio but Didn't Know You Could

5 things you’ve always wanted to do in Klipfolio but didn’t know you could

There are a few Klipfolio features that you might now have noticed. This blog will uncover some of the awesome things you can do in Klipfolio that you may not have known were available to you!

Learn - 7 Ways to Impress Your Managment Team with your KPI Report

7 ways to present KPIs that your management team will love

KPIs can be impressive on their own, but if you really want to stabnd out, this blog is for you! Check out our 7 ways to present your KPIs that will be sure to make your management team fall in love.

Learn - Creating a Visually Appealing and Automated Marketo Dashboard

Create visually appealing, automated dashboards using Klipfolio

You can visualize your data all you want, but if it's not reactive or intuitive to look at, will anyone use your dashboard?

Learn - How to Build a Zapier Dashboard Using Klipfolio

How to build dashboards with Zapier and Klipfolio

Interested in building a dashboard that tracks your Zapier data? Our blog gives you a step-by-step tutorial on how to connect and work with your data in Klipfolio!

Learn - Providing a Meaningful Financial Dashboard Outside of Excel

Providing a Meaningful Financial Dashboard Outside of Excel

There's no need to keep your financial data stuck inside of an Excel spreadsheet anymore! Check out how Klipfolio can help bring your data to life in a reporting dashboard.

Learn - How to Schedule Email Reports in 3 Simple Steps

Insights away! Scheduled email reporting in 3 simple steps

Looking to send out email updates about your dashboards? We have good news for you! This blog details the simple steps to set up scheduled reportings via emails.

Extra Tips and Tricks

Everything else you may want to know to create the perfect dashboard - from inception to design

Learn - SaaS KPIs Course Blog

Ultimate Guide to Perfecting Your SaaS KPIs

How to decide the best KPIs for your SaaS business? Check. The best practices and common mistakes when it comes to KPIs? Also check. Everything you could ever want to know about SaaS KPIs is here in this monster blog!

Learn - How to Build a Salesforce Wallboard

How to build a Salesforce TV dashboard

Share your data around the office, or just show off your hard work! Either way, this blog teaches you how to create a killer Salesforce wallboard.

Learn - How to Write and Develop KPIs

How to write and develop KPIs

KPIs should be the guiding fact in almost all of your business decisions. When developing your KPIS, you'll need to consider how it relates to a specific outcome or objective. This blog helps you do that!

Learn - 4 Steps to Designing an Actionable Dashboard

4 Steps to Designing a Dashboard That Inspires Action

What good is a dashboard that doesn't inspire action? Check out these 4 steps to designing a dashboard that gets your team motivated and moving.

Learn - How to Build a HR Reporting Dashboard

How to build dashboards that give you real-time HR reporting

As anyone who's attended a board meeting knows, questions can come from unexpected angles. Preparing the data in advance with KPIs can help grow trust with board members and build the HR department's reputation in the organization.

Learn - How to Set Up a TV Dashboard for Free

How to set up a TV dashboard for free

Make sure people can see your dashboard. This blog walks you through how to set up TV dashboards around your house, your office, your meeting room, or wherever else you may need one!

Learn - The Simple Rules for Intuitive Dashboard Design

3 simple rules for intuitive dashboard design

When looking at a dashboard, you don't want to have to spend minutes trying to read and understand it. Here are our top 3 tips for designing a dashboard that makes sense.

Learn - The Fundamentals of Data Visualization

Business dashboard design: The fundamentals of data visualization

This blog acts as a primer on how to use data visualizations to design a stellar business dashboard that will actually be read.

Learn - Rules of Dashboard Design: Serve Yourself, Not the Data

Dashboard design: Serve yourself, not the data

A lot of people think that their dashboards should be designed to serve the data - That's not true. This blog explains why your dashboard shouldn't simply be a data dumping ground and gives advice on how to build dashboards that serve you and your team.

Learn - How to Set Actionable KPI Targets

How to set actionable KPI targets

KPIs are most valuable when they have a target or goal in sight. This blog explains how to set targets to ensure your KPIs are worthwhile and actionable.

Learn - How to Present a KPI Report

How to present a KPI report

Want to know how to present a KPI report? Look no further! There's more to a KPI report than meets the eye, and this blog dives into that exactly that is.

Learn - How to Create a KPI Dashboard

How to create a KPI dashboard

Creating a KPI dashboard is an iterative process that requires a bit of thought. It's one thing to know you want to monitor a KPI, it's quite another to actually create a KPI dashboard.

Learn - How to Structure UX Research

How to structure UX research

User Experience can make or break a product. Here's how we structure our science-based UX research at Klipfolio.

Learn - How to Set Your Own Personal KPIs

How to set your own personal KPIs

Like New Year's Resolutions, we all have personal performance goals we want to meet. Setting personal KPIs can help you get there, and here's our way of thinking about them!

Learn - How to Establish Key Business Metrics

How to establish key business metrics

It's one thing to know what key business metrics are, but it's quite another to select, implement, and track the metrics that will drive your business forward to success.

Learn - How to Set Up a TV Dashboard

How to set up a TV dashboard

A TV dashboard set-up improves business transparency, promotoes departmental alignment, and nurtures a culture of data-guided decision-making. It's a great way to leverage the true power of your business dashboard software. Learn how to set one up!

Learn - How To Define Your KPIs

How To Define Your KPIs

One of the first, most important steps in creating a business dashboard is defining your company's KPIs. This blog discusses the best way to to go about this process so you can move forward with confindence.

Learn - How To Establish The Best Social Media KPIs

How To Establish The Best Social Media KPIs

Pretty much everyone is on social media these days. This blog walks you through how to establish the best social-focused KPIs to ensure your social accounts are killing the game and bringing in valuable data!

Learn - Tips for Designing Mobile Dashboards in Klipfolio

Tips for designing mobile dashboards in Klipfolio

You're on the go, so shouldn't your data be too? Here are our tips to designing a dashboard meant for mobile viewing.

Learn - 10 Tips for Designing Better Dashboards

10 simple tips for designing better dashboards

Sometimes it's the little things that make a big difference. Here are 10 simple tips that will help you create better, more effective business dashboards.

Digital Marketing Tips

Are you a digital marketer? These blogs offer pro-tips for working with our marketing-specific integrations.

Learn - Marketo and Klipfolio

How to Use Marketo Data to Build a Dashboard

Marketo is a super powerful tool, but visualizing it's data can be a bit tricky. This blog walks you through how to connect your Marketo data into Klipfolio and build powerful dashboards.

Learn - Connecting Twitter and Klipfolio

Use Klipfolio to Track Your Twitter Data

Twitter has hundreds of data points firing off at all times. Make sure you don't miss a thing with this awesome blog on using Klipfolio to track Twitter data.

Learn - Working with the Google Analytics and Search Console Integration

How to set up the Google Analytics-Search Console Integration + 3 key SEO benefits

This post will help you set up the Google Analytics-Search Console integration and how it can be used to boost your SEO performance and streamline your efforts!

Learn - How to Track Facebook Ads in Google Analytics

How to Track Facebook Ads in Google Analytics

Looking to start tracking the performance of your Facebook Ads in Google Analytics? Here are a few tricks to ensure you're pulling in the most accurate data possible.

Learn - Connecting your YouTube Channel to your Google Analytics Account

How to connect your YouTube channel to your Google Analytics account

Itching to gain insights into your YouTube Channel? Here's how to sync up your YouTube analytics with Google Analytics!

Learn - Enhancing your Content Marketing Dashboard with UpContent

Using UpContent to Enhance Your Content Marketing Dashboard

UpContent saves you time by streamlining your content search and curation process. Check out how it works in this blog.

Learn - How To Establish The Best Social Media KPIs

How To Establish The Best Social Media KPIs

Pretty much everyone is on social media these days. This blog walks you through how to establish the best social-focused KPIs to ensure your social accounts are killing the game and bringing in valuable data!

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