Biz Ops - Systems Developer

Reports to: Manager - Business Operations

Works with: Marketing, Sales, Finance, Development

Level: Intermediate to Senior

We need an expert with the technical aptitude and motivation to help us manage our marketing, sales and financial systems ensuring that we are the forefront of technology that drives efficiency, automation, and scale.


  • Works with Marketing, Sales and Finance to seek opportunities to automate and streamline key systems and processes
  • Is the analyst, capable of developing reports, analysing data, digging deep into data to answer questions
  • Ensures all of our product, marketing, sales, and financial systems are in sync and data integrity is maintained
  • Performs and automates regular data administration tasks, such as mass updates, data cleaning, and de-duping
  • Organizes and manages the implementation and consistency of fields and naming conventions across all systems
  • Continually seeks ways to implement best-practices and to improve processes

Required Skills:

  • Technical proficiency with Salesforce
  • Technical familiarity with Google Analytics, Quickbooks, Zuora, and Marketo
  • Experience using APIs, web applications(HTML, Javascript, CSS), writing scripts, and general application integration tasks using Python, PHP and Ruby on Rails
  • Experience with version control using MVC frameworks
  • General knowledge about marketing, sales, and financial processes and workflows
  • Knowledge of reporting, data visualizations, dashboards is an asset
  • A technical degree and/or relevant experience in a similar role
  • Advanced database techniques, and data warehousing
  • Good personal and teamwork skills
  • Good communication skills

Send your resume to Ensure the subject line of your email contains "Biz Ops - Systems Developer".

If you are selected for an interview, you will be contacted within a week or two to confirm a date and time.