Dresner - Wisdom of Crowds: Business Intelligence Marekt Study

Wisdom of Crowds - Business Intelligence Market Study

As Dresner celebrates their ninth anniversary of Dresner Advisory Services, they released its Business Intelligence flagship report, featuring Klipfolio as a leading BI vendor. Over 50% of the respondents in this report are North American based organizations, with another 30% being from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Wisdom of Crowds - Business Intelligence Market Study discusses:

  • This year's overall Business Intelligence objectives
  • Penetration of Business Intelligence solutions
  • Expansion plans for Business Intelligence through 2018
  • Industry and vendor analysis

“Klipfolio’s score increased year-over- year with key improvements for most sales, value, product, technical support, and recommend measures. We also saw a very large number of Klipfolio customers responding to this year’s survey. We congratulate Klipfolio on their performance in this year’s study.”

Dresner Advisory Services reviews BI vendor and market performance using their specific 33-criteria evaluation model. These criterion are placed into seven categories: sales/acquisition experience, value for price paid, quality and usefulness of product, quality of technical support, quality and value of consulting, integrity, and whether the vendor is recommended or not. Klipfolio's scoring increases year after year, landing them in a leading position in Dresner's report.

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