klipfolio - education program

Klipfolio for Education

Use Klipfolio for free within an approved curriculum

The Klipfolio for Education program was developed to enable educators to use Klipfolio as part of a verifiable course curriculum, at verified institutions of education, for a six month period. Educators setup their curriculum and then add students to their account so they can use it for the duration of the course. For more information see the Klipfolio for Educators Guide

Academic License

Starting on the date that you have accepted the terms of both the Klipfolio Master Services Agreement (“MSA”) and this Klipfolio Academic License (“AL”) and continuing for six (6) months, Klipfolio grants you, the instructor, a non-exclusive, non-transferrable academic license to access and use Klipfolio for instructional use, including the development of teaching material based on Klipfolio. You may also grant academic licenses to students enrolled in the specified course, as well as to instructors for the course. Despite what it says in Section 8.1 of the MSA, academic licenses do NOT auto-renew. If you’d like to renew your academic license for a subsequent term, please reapply. Academic licenses may only be used for course-related activity. Academic Licenses may not be used for commercial purposes, consulting, paid research, or institutional use outside of the specified course. Any conflict between the terms of the MSA and the AL will be resolved in favour of the AL.

If you have any questions about academic licensing, please email education@klipfolio.com