The control you want, the data you need.

All your Engineering and DevOps metrics in an interactive dashboard.

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“I love that the team doesn’t have to spend time downloading and manipulating CSV files anymore. Klipfolio’s continued commitment to releasing new integrations in addition to extensibility with custom data sources makes it the obvious choice for all of our dashboarding needs.”

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Mike King

Managing Director at iPullRank

Data analytics for today’s modern engineering and devops teams

Klipfolio offers you a flexible dashboarding and reporting tool that delivers performance, simplicity, concurrency and affordability not possible with other BI tools. Klipfolio is the perfect tool to add to your tech stack to help build a data-driven team culture that promotes sharing within teams and throughout your organization.

Data analytics for today’s modern Engineering and DevOps teams

Whether you're using the latest and greatest data warehouses, old legacy systems, or multiple platforms, Klipfolio can help you access them all! Easily pull in data from services like: Amazon Aurora, Amazon Redshift, DB2, Firebird, Google BigQuery, MongoDB, MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle Thin, Oracle OCI, Postgre SQL, Sybase, Synapse SQL Anywhere, XMLA and more. Klipfolio’s powerful data connector enables you to extract all the data sources you need to be successful.

Sometimes you want to easily combine or add an additional data source to your dashboard or report that is not currently available in your data analytics warehouse. No problem! We help data analysts get access to the data they need into Klipfolio. Here are some of the ways we make that possible:

  • Upload a file
  • SQL Query
  • Pre-built Web Services
  • Open REST API Web Services

Klipfolio integrates with your favorite applications from BizOps, IT, tool testing, server monitoring, finance, accounting, social platforms, ad networks, CRM systems, marketing automation platforms, and much more. Klipfolio is your all-in-one dashboarding and reporting software solution that helps you never miss chapters in your company’s data story again. Using other services? No problem. Connect your Klipfolio dashboard with Excel, SQL, CSV or XML files from your computer, and FTP and SFTP files from your server. You can also connect to data via Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive file sharing services.

Dashboard examples

Curious to see what you can track in Klipfolio? Here are just a few examples of the Engineering and DevOps dashboards you can build. View the live dashboard examples to get a better look.

Klipfolio - DevOps Dashboard

DevOps Dashboard

  • Get a real-time, interactive view of how product is performing
  • Track key DevOps metrics like Uptime, Response Time, and Downtime
  • Give your executive team an easy view into your product's performance
Klipfolio - Developer Dashboard

Dev Metrics Dashboard

  • Give your executive team a quick view into features
  • Stay on top of your critical and major issues and make data driven decisions
  • Get your company rallying around your numbers by sharing your dashboard
klipfolio - ux metrics connections

How to track your Engineering and DevOps metrics with Klipfolio

Klipfolio allows you to pull in data from all of the different services and platforms you use to track your product's performance—and display precisely what you need in a single interactive dashboard. What does this mean for you? No more piecemeal reports or Excel sheets with multiple versions. And you can get started with just a few clicks.

Pre-built Metrics

Here are a few pre-built metrics.

Click each icon to see what's possible.

  • klipfolio - pingdom
  • klipfolio - new relic
  • klipfolio - trello
  • klipfolio - basecamp


Connecting your Pingdom data into Klipfolio gives you instant access to your product's performance. You can also combine your Pingdom data with data from other key services. With Klipfolio you can track:

  • Response Time
  • Uptime
  • Downtime
  • And more
Klip Template | Pingdom - Checks Summary

Checks Summary

See stats for your services including statuses, response times and error times.


Klip Template | Pingdom - Check History

Check History

See historical uptime and response times for a server of your choice.


See what else you can build for Pingdom

New Relic

Connect your New Relic account to Klipfolio to easily monitor your platforms performance. Easily share the dashboard with your executive team and save time on creating manual reports. With Klipfolio you can track metrics like:

  • Apdex Summary
  • Apdex Score
  • Throughput
  • And more
Klip Template | New Relic - Apdex Summary

Apdex Summary

Displays a summary of application performance for the last 30 minutes.


Klip Template | New Relic - Application Apdex

Application Apdex

Displays application apdex score and throughput for the last 30 minutes.


See what else you can build for New Relic


Are you using Trello to track your projects and tests? By connecting your Trello account to Klipfolio you can create a dashboard to keep everyone on the same page. Track things like:

  • Overdue cards
  • Cards due today
  • Comments
  • And more
Klip Template | Trello - Comments Timeline

Comments Timeline

Listen to your team with a timeline of Trello comments.


Klip Template | Trello - Metrics


Track the key metrics for the cards on your chosen Trello board.


See what else you can build for Trello


Are you using Basecamp to keep your team and projects on track? By connecting your account to Klipfolio you can create a dashboard to keep everyone on the same page. Track things like:

  • Discussions
  • Completed projects
  • Project updates
  • And more
Klip Template | Basecamp - Completed To Dos

Completed To Dos

See a list of tasks each team member has completed using a handy drop down menu.


Klip Template | Basecamp - Project Updates

Project Updates

Monitor your team's activity with a real-time list of updates.


See what else you can build for Basecamp

Discover dashboard builder’s delight

Our customers in Engineering and DevOps roles love Klipfolio because it empowers them to build their own dashboards. Sure, it takes time to get it right, but it’s absolutely worth it.

Connecting your data

You’ve got an impressive tech stack, but how do those puzzle pieces fit together? Klipfolio is an API machine with 100s of connections to the services you use to help grow your business.

Browse the 100+ services you can connect to

The Editor

Love to tinker and build but tired of using Excel or Google Sheets to share your key results and metrics? The Klip Editor is where you bring your data story to life. Build custom data visualizations that you can share with your whole organization.

Custom visualizations

Drag-and-drop visualizations from the palette to start assembling your custom dashboard. Choose from standard data visualizations like charts, bullet charts, and scatter plots. Or get creative and inject custom HTML into your dashboard. The choice is yours.

Resources for data-driven Engineers and DevOps

Many cloud companies today rely on their Engineering and DevOps teams to ensure the systems they need are always connected and the data they need is always available. Here are some great resources to help you build a leading data-driven team:

What our customers are saying

Don't just take our word for it. Here's what some of our amazing customers have to say.

"For a long time, people at my work believed we'd need to dump data into a data warehouse in order to get it to relate. With Klipfolio, I can tap directly into multiple types of data sources and get it to speak to one another without a data ware house."

Nate Shinagawa - Robert Packer Hospital

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“The best part about Klipfolio is that they listen to feedback and are constantly making changes to make the user experience easier. The investment in their product and people is evident.”

Tyler Cooper - Versature

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"Data is vital to my work as a digital marketer, but data silos aren’t enough. Klipfolio dashboards give me visibility into all of my data so I can determine what matters most and make informed decisions in real time.”

Maggie Fitzgerald - Mpowered Marketing

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