Klip Template | Google AdWords - Cost-per-Conversion

Metric Overview:

Compare your cost-per-conversion to typed-in targets, or delete targets to compare to the previous period.


Google Ads Dashboard

About this Klip

Cost-per-conversion is a major indicator on how well your ad campaigns are performing and if they are being economical. Measure your current cost against your target cost to ensure you are staying on track and are optimizing your AdWords implementation.

About the visualization

Having your target cost-per-conversion to compare with your current cost helps you focus in on your ad strategy. If your current cost is significantly higher than your intended target, consider going back and rejigging your strategy.

About Google Ads

Google is the number one search engine, serving up the best content for their users in a matter of seconds. With Google AdWords, you can develop, target, monitor, compare, and analyze custom ads that drive users to your site.

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