Landing Page Traffic by Source/Medium

Klip Template | Google Analytics - Landing Page Traffic by Source/Medium

Metric Overview:

Rank your top traffic sources based on engagement, conversion rate, bounce rate and more important metrics.


Google Analytics Custom Dashboard

About this Klip

Tracking how users come to your landing page helps you know where to put in your marketing and designing efforts. Monitoring the conversion and engagement rate from different mediums shows which sources are your most reliable traffic funnels, and bounce rate helps you identify if your landing page is sticky enough to keep viewers on your site.

About the visualization

Google Analytics visualizations are core metrics for any page or campaign-related tracking. Adding in indicators to depict whether or not you are growing your session numbers will help you pinpoint where your efforts are or are not being effective, while displaying your data in a table will help you get a closer look on your key data for each page.

About Google Analytics

Google Analytics is your go-to service for measuring customer insights. Track your advertising ROI, traffic sources, campaign conversions, user paths, pageviews and the like.

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