Klipfolio logo

Our logo.

It’s well balanced and timeless.The font was uniquely crafted by expert typographers. They designed the corners and edges to have a soft feel and selected black and red colors to evoke a sense of urgency and action.

Logo Colours

Logo Black

HEX: #000000

CMYK: C0 M0 Y0 K100

PMS Coated: Black 6C

Logo Red

HEX: #ed1c24

CMYK: C0 M94 Y100 K0

PMS Coated: 1795

Logo White

HEX: #ffffff

CMYK: C0 M0 Y0 K0

PMS: None

Klipfolio Logo Size

Klipfolio logo size
  • Digital: mimimum 30px height.
  • Print: mimimum 0.125in height.

Klipfolio Logo Exclusion Zone

Klipfolio logo exclusion zone
  • Use the triangle to determine the exclusion zone.

Klipfolio Logo Misuse

Don't do the following

Klipfolio logo, don't use the old ™ logo.

Old ™ logo

Klipfolio logo, don't change colour.

Change colour

Klipfolio logo, don't distort or wrap logo.

Distort or wrap

Klipfolio logo, don't chnage the typeface.

Change typeface

Klipfolio logo, don't add adding effects.

Adding effects

Klipfolio logo, don't use the logo without red triangle.

Logo without red triangle

Klipfolio logo, don't apply a gradient.

Apply a gradient

Klipfolio logo, don't apply an outline.

Apply an outline

Klipfolio logo, don't rotate the logo.


Klipfolio logo, don't compress size horizontally or vertically.

Compress size horizontally or vertically

Klipfolio logo, avoid having the logo on a red background.

Avoid having the logo on a red background

Klipfolio logo, don't avoid having the logo on an image background.

Avoid having the logo on an image background

Klipfolio Logo Application

Klipfolio black & red logo

Logo (Black & Red)

Our iconic logo can be used in print and on the web. Remember to always include the ®. It was designed to be used on a white background only, so please avoid placing it on a colored background or even more cringe-worthy, over top of an image. Don’t make us have to call the graphic design police on you!

klipfolio white & red logo

Logo (White & Red)

Our white logo with the red triangle can be used on dark backgrounds and is acceptable for web use. Always include the ® and never place it over top of an image.

klipfolio white logo

Logo (White)

Our all-white logo is to be used on dark backgrounds. It makes for a great watermark as well, so use this when it’s time to leave an impression.

klipfolio black logo

Logo (Black)

Our all-black logo is more of a traditionalist and should be used for printing on black and white only.