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Are you like Gary?

Gary has a problem. The only time he gets visibility into how his business is performing is at the end of the month or, worse, at the end of the quarter.

It's like trying to drive your car with a broken windshield. You can't really see where you are going.

Gary has a data problem. He needs a business dashboard

There has to be a better way

Imagine this scenario. You're in Marketing, and you want answers to questions like, "which paid advertising channels generate the most revenue?" And, you want that answer right now.

If you had that answer right now, we're willing to bet you'd put that data to good use.

Gary knows he needs better data. How can business dashboard software help?

Important decisions can't wait

Gary was tired of looking in the rear view mirror, seeing in reports what he should have done weeks ago. Like you, he wants to seize opportunities the instant they appear.

Think about it this way: In the marketing scenario why wait a month to find out which channels aren't performing well? That's a waste of money, especially when you could be spending that money on campaigns that generate revenue.

Gary needs data dashboard software to make important decisions.

Start improving today

Imagine you had a way to see all your business metrics in one place – whenever you wanted to see them. You'd be able to check in and monitor the health of your business, spot problem areas, and optimize activities that are doing well.

With this data, you'd start making incremental improvements to all areas of your business. These types of improvements have a habit of adding up. Before you knew it, you'd transform your business.

Gary uses data dashboard software to improve all areas of his business

You get the picture.

Here's the good news: this is possible and affordable with Klipfolio.

Be like Gary. Transform your business today.

You can build just about any type of dashboard you want with Klipfolio. Here are some examples of what our customers have built.

Marketing Dashboard

Today's digital marketer is one part creative maverick, one part data nerd, and one part techie. A marketing dashboard is where these skills coalesce to impress the heck out of your team. Seriously, you have the ability to tell the story of your performance using data from virtually every service you use. How cool is that?

Klipfolio - Business Dashboard Software Customer Erik Van Drop

"Our mission is to make online marketing data really easy to access and to interpret. Klipfolio is the best tool to deliver on that promise."
- Erik Van Drop, Owner at Cervino Marketing

Sales Dashboard

Sales teams today rely on data from so many different places that it’s difficult to get a clear view of the things that matter most. From CRMs, to Social Media, to call-tracking metrics, having a consolidated view into key performance metrics can allow data-driven teams to analyze every lead, every win, and every opportunity, and adjust accordingly. That’s why having real-time visibility into your key sales metrics is crucial.

Klipfolio - Business Dashboard Software Customer Bridge Mellichamp

“We can now track our sales data in real time. This not only saves us money, but gives us information we can act on immediately”
- Bridge Mellichamp, Director of Data Science and Special Projects at Stitch Labs

Startup Dashboard

Startups live and die by metrics like Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), User Retention, and Cost to Acquire Customers (CAC). The right dashboard lets startup founders keep up-to-the minute on these metrics and stay focused on growing their business.

Klipfolio - Business Dashboard Software Customer Loren Appin

“Klipfolio lets startups develop sophisticated, meaningful dashboards. You really don't have to be a Fortune 500 company with a dedicated business intelligence team to get great insights. This is why we chose Klipfolio.”
- Loren Appin, Vice President of Growth at Pixable

Reporting Dashboard

As a business analyst, you need to create reports and dashboards from endpoints like Excel, SQL databases, FTP/SFTP, and internal services. This example shows how these services can be combined to create custom dashboards.

Klipfolio - Business Dashboard Software Customer Daniel Nielsen

“Before Klipfolio, we relied on a lot of PDFs and Excel sheets to get the right data to the right user in the organization. This was time consuming. Klipfolio dashboards let us report in real-time.”
- Daniel Nielsen, Data Analyst at Ekstra Bladet

Business Dashboard Software - Create your own data dashboard

Insert Your Dashboard Here

From software development and executive dashboards to customer support and user experience dashboards, we pretty much do it all. Check out this dashboard to see how our CEO tracks our business performance.

Check out over 30 live, interactive examples.

What type of dashboard are you going to build? Start now.

Ready to start building your business dashboard? Here's how to get started.


Add a Pre-Built Business Dashboard

Just like adding data visualizations from the Klip Gallery, you can add pre-built dashboards. These are complete dashboards that use services like Google Analytics, AdWords, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Here's how it works:

  • Select the service you'd like to monitor
  • Verify you have proper access to the data by signing into that service
  • Sip your coffee and watch while Klipfolio assembles your dashboard


Build Your Own Business Dashboard

Once you've assembled a few dashboards with our templates, you're going to want to build custom dashboards that tackle the unique and specific challenges of your business.

We've given you all the tools you need to build custom dashboards. As with any powerful software tool, there is a learning curve. So, grab a coffee, crack open our Editor, and start investing in your dashboard. We promise it'll be worth it.

Here's how it works:

  • Draw your dashboard on a napkin
  • Decide which data sources you'll need to access in order to create your dashboard
  • Use the custom editor to start bringing your data to life
  • Learn Klipfolio using our online chat, documentation and tutorials, webinars, videos, or by getting in touch with our success team.


Get help from a dashboard ninja

Need help with your dashboard? We'd be happy to help.

We offer a free email and phone support as well as a number of services tailored to how much or how little help you need.

Find a service that works for you:

  • Ninja Services: Personalized training and assistance
  • Ninja+ Services: All the benefits of Ninja services, plus twice the training
  • Managed Dashboard Service: Let our Ninjas build and manage your dashboards for you
  • Professional Services: Ad hoc services to suit your dashboard requirements.
Ninja services to help you build and manage your business dashboard software

Build your first dashboard in less than 3 minutes. Start today.

Why Klipfolio? 7 features that set us apart


100% Cloud

Klipfolio is 100% cloud-based. That's good for you because:

You don't have to download any software

You never have to update the software

You can quickly access your dashboard from any device with internet access


Access your data, wherever it lives

If you can't get at the data you need, you won't be able to power your dashboards. That's why our R&D team invests so much time and effort on data connectivity. It's also why we have more documented integrations than any other dashboard software provider.

Need data from your computer or a file sharing service?

With Klipfolio you can connect Excel, CSV, and XML files from your computer, FTP and SFTP files from your server, and connect from DropBox, Box, and Google Drive file sharing servies.

Use data from excel and file sharing services to create business dashboards

Need data from a database?

You can connect your Klipfolio dashboard with: MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle Thin, Oracle OCI, Sybase SQL Anywhere, PostgreSQL, Firebird, DB2.

Use data from databases to create business dashboards

Need data from a Cloud Application?

Klipfolio supports direct connections to over 100 cloud applications such as: Facebook, Twitter, Moz, Pingdom, Salesforce, Marketo, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Xero, HubSpot, New Relic, and many more.

Don't see your service here? No problem!

We've developed an open API connector that provides access to 100s of other services, even if we don't have a direct connector today. In fact, we're aware of at least 439 services that our customers have connected to. If you have a question about a data source you don't see listed here, drop us a line and we'd be happy to help.


Over 300 pre-built metrics and visualizations

With Klipfolio, you have access to an extensive array of data services for developing custom visualizations. You also have access to our growing library of pre-built metrics and visualizations. We have over 300 templates for nearly 50 services to help you accelerate your dashboard development.

Powerful features

Our templates provide a cross-section of some of our most powerful features. For instance, some templates use drop-down menus to let you change the time period you're monitoring.

Business dashboard software data visualization features

Data mashups

Other templates demonstrate the ability to create data mashups – that is, combining data from multiple services to generate a new metric.

Business dashboard software data mashup capabilities

Fully editable

It's important to know that all of the templates are fully editable. You can tweak, modify, or completely change any Klip added from the Gallery.

Business dashboard software data visualization editing

A powerful data visualization editor

Many dashboard software offerings have a library of pre-built widgets that are hard-wired to a particular cloud service. In order to build something custom with these other services, you would need to hire a developer to help write the code for you.

Klipfolio is different

We provide you (as in, everyone) with the ability to build custom visualizations without writing code. If you can use Excel formulas, you can use Klipfolio's editor.

Our editor is very powerful – and like other powerful tools – you will need to invest time learning the tool. We have awesome tutorials, videos, documentation, as well as online, email, and phone support from our success team.

Business dashboard software data visualization editor

Math functions

Many of the custom metrics you need for your dashboard will require some math. For example, you need to calculate an ROI metric (Return On Investment) for your dashboard.

Fortunately, unlike many dashboard solutions, Klipfolio gives you the ability to do the math you need to create meaningful dashboards.


Create data mashups

Data mashups are a specialty of ours here at Klipfolio. What's a data mashup? We're glad you asked! It's the ability to combine data from multiple sources into a single visualization. Basic mashups may display data side-by-side, while more complex mashups mold data into a single metric or series.

Here are some examples of data mashups our customers use.

Show data side-by-side

This data mashup displays data from multiple social media services side-by-side, making it easy to compare followers on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google+

Business dashboard software data mashup - Social Media Data

Combine multiple data points to create a single metric

This data mashup combines data from Salesforce and Xero to calculate the Customer Acquisition Cost metric.

Business dashboard software data mashup - Xero and Salesforce

Here are 4 more features you'll love

Access your business dashboard using mobile devices

Mobile Application

You are busy and want to be able to see how you are doing whenever and wherever you want. With Klipfolio for iPhone and Klipfolio for Android you can view the same dashboards you view on your browser or TV. And they are fully interactive.

View your business dashboard on a wallboard or TV

TV Mode

If you want to build a culture that embraces data and that values transparency, then you will love our TV mode. It enables you to display your dashboards on a wall-mounted TV. It even enables you to cycle through different dashboards. And the bonus is that dashboards look really cool on a TV.

Customize the branding elements of your business dashboard software

Customizing your dashboard

You want your dashboard to have the same look and feel as your brand. With custom CSS, you have almost unlimited options for styling your dashboard. Seriously, there isn’t much you can do once you let your design team loose in Klipfolio – they can change everything from font style to the color palette.

Use the Klipfolio API to create business dashboards

The Klipfolio API

Klipfolio is a developer friendly platform. With our API you can perform automated actions from the comfort of your own development toolkit. Complete tasks like bulk uploading users, automating custom data source uploads, and even building dashboards. View the developer docs.

Be like Gary, and take control your business with Klipfolio.

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Start building your dashboard today. It's free to get started.