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Failed Charges

Failed Charges represents the total monetary value of any payments that have failed for reasons including declined payments, blocked payments, and invalid payments.

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Failed Charges Count

Failed Charges Count is the total number of payments that have failed for reasons including declined payments, blocked payments, and invalid payments.

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Feed Subscribers

Feed Subscribers is the count of the number of people who have indicated they want to receive your content. This metric is essential to bloggers and helps you leverage a blog as part of your marketing initiatives.

Financial Debt

Financial Debt is a company's non-operational debt. With low interest rates and a supply of lenders, debt in non-financial corporations has steadily risen in the past 15 years, benefiting some companies, but putting others at risk.

First Response Time

First Response Time (FRT) is the average amount of time taken for an agent to provide an initial response to a customer inquiry or support ticket. The speed at which you acknowledge a customer's question is a reflection of your commitment to customer satisfaction and the maturity and efficiency of your call centre.

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Followers is the number of users who have chosen to follow another user’s or company’s posts, such as via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram. It is a quantitative metric used to gauge how well you are building an audience and community around your brand.

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Following is the number of accounts or pages a user or brand has chosen to follow on social platforms, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram. Following an account allows a user to view and engage with an account’s social media posts and signals interest in that person, company, or organization.

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Forecasted Number of Customers

Forecasted Number of Customers gives you the predicted number of customers your company will have over a given period of time. Though there are multiple ways to forecast customer count, the simplest calculation is to multiply your leads with your average close rate.

Form Completions

Form Completions is the count of unique submissions of a form displayed on a website. Businesses use forms for multiple purposes, ranging from customer support to product inquiries. Tracking this metric is a good way to gather standardized information from customers or gauge interest in a product or brand.

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Form Installs

Form Installs is the count of forms installed on your website. Tracking this number gives you a high-level view of the number of possible form-based interactions with your customers.

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Form Interactions

Form Interactions is the count of interactions that users have had with your web form. An interaction includes clicks, form entries, clicking a field to fill in information, and form abandonment. By tracking Form Interactions, you can learn where and why users abandon your forms, and how to modify your form to best capture your target audience.

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Form Submissions

Form Submissions is a count of the number of visitors who fill out a form on your website.

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