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Media Impressions

Media Impressions is the count of the number of times your social media content, such as photos, videos, and stories, are viewed on screen.

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Media Likes

Media Likes is the total count of likes you receive on multiple formats of media posted on your social media page. Media includes photo posts, video posts, reels, and more.

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Media Reach

Reach is the measure of how many people were exposed to your content during a given campaign.

Media Saves

Media Saves is the count of the total number of times your content has been saved by users on social media. Social media platforms such as Instagram allow users to save posts to a private collection for easy access.

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Mentions on social media are instances where users reference another user by using the @ symbol. Other ways of mentioning a user or brand can be with a hashtag (#) or through plain text. For businesses on social media, tracking their mentions is one way of measuring brand awareness and image online.

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Monthly Active Accounts

Monthly Active Accounts measures the number of unique accounts with at least one user who has interacted with an application or platform in a month. An active account may include one or more users, who may each have varying degrees of activity.

Monthly Active Users

Monthly Active Users are the number of unique users of an application or platform that have interacted with it in a month. This metric is used to track monthly user engagement. Monthly Active Users includes both new users and existing users who have interacted with the application.

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Monthly Recurring Revenue

Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) is the sum of all subscription revenue expressed as a monthly value. For most companies, MRR is the sum of all new business subscriptions and upgrades (sometimes called expansion), minus downgrades (or contractions) and cancelled subscriptions. Though not a Generally Accepted Accounting Principle (GAAP) value, it's the Revenue equivalent used by every SaaS company. MRR is used interchangeably with ARR.

Natural Rate of Growth

Natural Rate of Growth measures the speed at which your company grows, purely based on organic sources of growth. This includes organic signups and incremental recurring revenue started in product without sales involvement.

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Net Annual Recurring Revenue Added

Net Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) Added is the net change of annual recurring revenue from new logo bookings, expansion bookings, downsell bookings, and churn during a period. This metric will let you evaluate your business from one time period to the next and understand how each component is affecting ARR.

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Net Burn

Net Burn, often referred to as Burn Rate, is the amount a company is losing per month as they burn through their cash reserves. It occurs when a company’s operating costs are higher than their revenue. A company that is profitable and generating cash has a "negative Net Burn".

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Net Financial Debt

Net Financial Debt is a company’s non-operational debt that considers cash and short-term securities against financial debt.

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