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Number of Demos

Number of Demos is the count of total demonstrations of a product a company has given to prospective customers.

Onboarding Calls

Onboarding Calls is the number of phone calls made by the sales team to welcome new customers into the product. It is a good leading indicator of Engagement and Customer Lifetime Value.

Online Shopper Conversion Rate

Online Shopper Conversion Rate informs business owners of the likelihood of a sale when a user visits their e-commerce store. This metric looks at the total number of sales divided by the count of the site's total visitors over a defined period.

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Operating Expenses

Operating Expenses are the expenditures that are not directly associated with the production of goods and services. For example: Sales & Marketing costs, Administrative salaries, Research & development costs, as well as any other non-direct costs, are classified as operating expenses.

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Opportunities represents a qualified lead that indicates the potential for a deal. Regardless of a business’s unique qualification criteria, an opportunity represents a higher probability of closing.

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Opportunities by Source

An Opportunity is a Lead that has passed certain qualification criteria and represents a higher probability of closing. Opportunity by Source counts the number of Opportunities segmented by source.

Organic Search

Organic Search is the measure of visits to a website that come from naturally generated search engine results. These results are not influenced by any paid search activity and are driven purely by Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts.

Out of Cash Date

Out of Cash Date gives you a rough estimate of when you will be out of cash. This metric is most often expressed as the number of months before Cash Out. This is a useful metric for CEOs and CFOs who are managing companies that are not profitable yet.

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Page Check-Ins

Facebook users use Page Check-Ins to announce when and how they interact with a business which can include visiting the premises, using a product, or attending a promotional event. This action is then displayed to other Facebook users in the attendee’s network, effectively creating increased brand awareness.

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Page Engagement

Page Engagement is the count of interactions users have with your social media page and its posts. For example, likes, comments, and re-tweets will add to your Page Engagement count.

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Page Impressions

Page Impressions counts the total number of times content from your page or about your Facebook page is viewed by or shown to users.

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Page Likes

Page Likes, which is mostly applicable to social platforms, counts the number of unique visitors who have liked your page. Tracking this metric is one way to understand the effectiveness of your company’s Facebook page.

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