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Payment Refund Rate

Payment Refund Rate is the percentage of total successful payments that consist of refunded charges in the same period of time. Though similar in outcome, Refunds are different from Chargebacks, which are involuntary refunds initiated from the cardholder's bank, and come with fees.

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Payouts measure the value of funds received from your payment processing platform into your bank account. You set a payout schedule with your payment processing platform, usually daily, weekly, or monthly.

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Payroll Expenses

Payroll Expenses refers to the total cost associated with hiring and retaining employees and independent contractors on your payroll.

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Payroll to Revenue Ratio

Payroll to Revenue Ratio, frequently referred to as Salary to Revenue Ratio, is a productivity metric that measures how effective a business is at utilizing its labour costs to produce revenue. As with any ratio, it's always important to understand both the numerator and the denominator and how changes to either will impact the number.

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People from Underrepresented Minority Groups in the Team

People from Underrepresented Minority Groups in the Team measures the percentage of team members whose proportion in the team, company, industry, or other subset, is less than their proportion in the general population.

Percent New Sessions

Percent New Sessions gives the percentage of total user sessions that come from new visitors to a website. This metric helps track two performance goals: the extent to which users are being retained and growth in terms of attracting a new audience.

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Percent New Users

Percent New Users gives the percentage of new users that visit a website out of the total number of users that have visited the website. By tracking the percentage of new users, you can better understand the behavioural patterns of your audience, including how likely they are to return to your website.

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Phone Call Clicks

Phone Call Clicks counts the number of times a phone number link is clicked on a website. Track how frequently users click on phone number links to deepen your understanding of your website’s conversion rate.

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Photo Comments

A photo comment is a primarily text-based form of engagement on a social media platform where users respond to photos via the comment feature on photos. The number of comments on a photo indicates the level of engagement users have with that photo.

Photo Likes

Photo Likes are a measure of the popularity of photo posts on social media platforms. This metric tracks the number of likes a photo has received from social media users and can be used to gauge the engagement rate of a photo or group of photos.

Post Clicks

Post Clicks is the total number of times a post was clicked. This includes, for example, photo views, video plays, and expanding to read a post, but does not include comments, likes, and shares.

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Post Comments

A Post Comment, or simply Comment, is a primarily text-based form of engagement on a social media platform which allows users to respond to posts in their own words. The number of comments on a piece of content indicates the level of engagement users have with that content.

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