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Profit per Employee

Profit per Employee is a measure of Net Income for the past twelve months (LTM) divided by the current number of Full-Time Equivalent employees. Because labour needs differ across sectors, this ratio is often used to compare companies within the same industry.

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Propensity to Renew

Propensity to Renew is a measure of the likelihood a customer will renew their contract instead of terminating their engagement with a company, most often provided by the customer as part of a survey. It is an indicator of revenue risk and potential logo churn.

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Purchases is the total amount of money spent on making purchases from suppliers for the purpose of reselling for a profit.

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Quick Ratio

The Quick Ratio measures the ability of your organization to meet any short-term financial obligations with assets that can be quickly converted into cash. It considers the ability for Current Assets, less inventory, to cover Current Liabilities.

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R&D Productivity

R&D Productivity is a performance measure of how much new revenue is associated with dollars invested into R&D within a technology company.

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Reach per Million Users

Reach is an Alexa Web Search metric that measures the number of people who have the Alexa toolbar or extension installed and who saw your content. If your website has a Reach score of 5,000, this means that 5,000 people out of a sample of 1 million, who have the toolbar or extension installed, saw your site yesterday.

Reactivation MRR

Reactivation MRR is the total amount of recurring revenue generated from reactivated customers who had previously cancelled services and have resumed a subscription within the current tracking period.

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The Referrals metric measures the number of potential customers that have been directed to your product through the promotion of an existing customer. Referrals are often generated by word of mouth but can also result from influencer marketing and review sites. Software companies can develop flows that encourage promotion and virality.

Refunded Charges

Refunded Charges measures the value of payments refunded to your customers.

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Refunded Charges Count

Refunded Charges Count tracks the total number of payments refunded to your customers.

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Renewal Rate

Renewal rate tracks churn and retention down to the month of invoicing. Rather than track churn and renewals against your total customer count, you track renewals based on each cohort of monthly invoices.

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Return On Marketing Investment

The Return On Marketing Investment (ROMI) metric measures how much revenue a marketing campaign is generating compared to the cost of running that campaign. Effective marketers are driven to connect their time, energy and advertising spend with results that contribute to company growth. This KPI answers the question, “are we recouping the time and money we spent developing and executing our marketing campaigns?”

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