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Total Addressable Market

Total Addressable Market (TAM) is a measure of the revenue opportunity of capturing 100% of the market for a product or service.

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Total Funding

Total Funding measures the total amount of venture capital funding raised by a company.

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Transaction Recency

Transaction Recency measures the duration of time since a customer’s last purchase, indicating how recently repeat customers made previous purchases. It is a great way of measuring your business’s ability to bring back customers quickly and may vary based on industry and business model.

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Trial Conversion Rate

Trial Conversion Rate measures the percentage of users that have converted to a paid account from a trial period. Commonly referred to as Free Trial to Paid Conversion Rate, this metric indicates product value by measuring the number of users that find enough value in the product to pay for it. Trial Conversion Rates vary based on the type of trial you use. In SaaS, the standard practice is to either have a freemium product or a free trial period that usually spans a couple weeks.

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Trials is a count of the number of trial accounts started during a given period of time. The Trials metric helps a business gauge interest in their product and make sales predictions.

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True Trials

A True Trial is defined as a user who starts a trial and comes back a second time within the first 7 days. The True Trials metric is meaningful for any software company that offers prospects a trial before they choose to buy. Prospects who sign in twice within the first 7 day period are more likely to become paying customers. Tracking True Trials enables you to assess lead quality, product engagement, and probability of a win much earlier than only looking at Win Rate.

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Unique Inline Link Clicks

Unique Inline Link Clicks is the count of the number of users who clicked links posted in the contents of your ad.

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Unsubscribes measures the number of users who choose to cancel or not renew their subscription. Reasons typically include customer dissatisfaction, lack of value added, and competing offers.


Users is the count of both new and returning visitors to your website. They are usually tracked by a client ID assigned to each unique user the first time they visit your website.

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Video Click-Through Rate

Video Click-Through Rate is the percentage of times your video is clicked to play out of the total number of times your video is shown. It measures how effective your call-to-action, video thumbnail, and overall presentation is in converting video views to video clicks.

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Video Clicks

Video Clicks is the total number of times your video has been clicked. This metric can help measure how appealing your video is and its overall ability to get engagement.

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Video Comments

A video comment is a primarily text-based form of engagement on a social media platform where users respond to videos via the comment feature on videos. The number of comments on a video is one indication of the level of engagement users have with that video.

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