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Weekly Active Users

Weekly Active Users are the number of unique users of an application or platform that have interacted with it in a week. This metric is used to track weekly user engagement. Weekly Active Users includes both new users and existing users who have interacted with the application.

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Weighted ACV

Weighted Annual Contract Value (WACV) calculates the average contract dollar value with a weighted average proportional to the value of the contract. Essentially, higher value contracts are assigned more importance when calculating the total average contract value of a business. This approach is helpful to companies that have widely varying customer concentration by accurately calculating an ACV that is not skewed by contracts with low dollar value.

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Win Rate

Lead To Win Rate is the percentage of Leads who entered the sales funnel and are now "Closed Won" Customers. This is one of the most ubiquitous sales conversion metrics and is a strong indication of product market fit, pricing, and sales execution. It's also a key metric in aligning your marketing, sales, and product teams.

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Won Customers

Won Customers is the count of new accounts that are “Closed Won”. It is a measure of success of the Sales, Marketing, and increasingly Product teams. "Closed Won" is the stage at which a prospect has signed or electronically accepted a contract and is now considered a customer. Counter to Won Opportunities, Won Customers only applies to the Account once, whereas you can have multiple Opportunities per Account.

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Won Opportunities

Won Opportunities is the count of sales opportunities that are “Closed Won”. It is a measure of success of the Sales, Marketing, and Product teams. "Closed Won" is the stage at which a quote or proposal has been signed or electronically accepted and is now considered fulfillable. Counter to Won Customers, Won Opportunities apply to both new and existing customers.

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Years Since Founding

Years Since Founding is a scale metric that measures the number of years since the company has been founded.

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