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Average Purchase Frequency

Average Purchase Frequency counts the average number of transactions per customer per period. This metric is used to better understand customer behavior and purchase patterns.

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Cost per Activated Lead

Cost per Activated Lead measures the costs involved in generating one activated lead. An activated lead is a potential customer who demonstrates intention to purchase your product.

Customer Retention Rate

Customer Retention Rate calculates the proportion of customers in a particular period that are retained into the next period.

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Enterprise Value to EBITDA

Enterprise Value to Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization (EV/EBITDA) or Enterprise Multiple, is a measure of a company’s value mainly used to evaluate acquisition targets.

Natural Rate of Growth

Natural Rate of Growth measures the speed at which your company grows, purely based on organic sources of growth. This includes organic signups and incremental recurring revenue started in product without sales involvement.

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Product Qualified Leads

Product Qualified Leads (PQL) measures the quality of potential customers by classifying them according to their actions and usage within the product platform. Certain actions in the scope of the product that indicate high intention to purchase are weighted higher and used to classify leads as PQLs.

Reactivation MRR

Reactivation MRR is the total amount of recurring revenue generated from reactivated customers who had previously cancelled services and have resumed a subscription within the current tracking period.

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Return on Incremental Invested Capital

Return on Incremental Invested Capital is an efficiency metric used to measure the change in earnings as a percentage of incremental investments.

Sales Cycle Length

Sales Cycle Length is the count of the number of days or months it takes on average to close a deal. This metric can be helpful when creating sales forecasts, measuring sales efficiency, and speaking with investors. It is often referred to as the Average Deal Cycle and is usually expressed in months.

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Spend Lift

Lift in Spend is a loyalty metric that calculates the increased spend per customer or groups of customers across two periods.

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Transaction Recency

Transaction Recency measures the duration of time since a customer’s last purchase, indicating how recently repeat customers made previous purchases. It is a great way of measuring your business’s ability to bring back customers quickly and may vary based on industry and business model.

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