What is the difference?

Average Speed to Answer (ASA) vs First Response Time (FRT)

Average Speed to Answer

First Response Time

What is it?

Average Speed to Answer (ASA) is the average amount of time taken for a call centre agent to answer an inbound customer call, including time spent waiting in a queue. It excludes time spent navigating an IVR system. This metric one of the most important signals tied to customer satisfaction.

First Response Time (FRT) is the average amount of time taken for an agent to provide an initial response to a customer inquiry or support ticket. The speed at which you acknowledge a customer's question is a reflection of your commitment to customer satisfaction and the maturity and efficiency of your call centre.


ƒ Sum(Waiting Time) / Count(Answered Calls)
ƒ Sum(time taken to send a first response) / Count(customer issues that got a first response)


Your call centre answers 500 calls each day. The total waiting time for the day is 1750 minutes. Average Speed to Answer = 1750 minutes / 500 answered calls = 3.5 minutes

At your call centre, customers raised 50 support tickets in one month. Your support team responded to every ticket, and spent a total of 3000 minutes sending first responses to these tickets. The First Response Time for that month is 3000 minutes / 50 tickets = 60 minutes.

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