What is the difference?

Email Opens vs Email Clicks

Email Opens

Email Clicks

What is it?

Emails Opens counts the total number of times your email was opened by all recipients and is counted each time any recipient opens your email.

Email Clicks is an email marketing metric that counts the total number of times any link in your email was clicked by your email recipients. Email Clicks data is used to calculate many other important email marketing metrics such as Email Click Rate and CTOR.


ƒ Count(Email Opens)
ƒ Count(Email Clicks)


You send out an email newsletter to your entire list of 1,000 subscribers. Out of this list, 600 subscribers actually open your email. However, 100 of them open your email twice. Your total Email Opens is 500 + (100*2) which is 700 Email Opens.

Imagine that over a one month period, you send out 2 email newsletters to your monthly newsletter subscribers. Each email contains a link to your product page and several links to your blog. The first email gets 300 clicks and the second email gets 650 clicks. Your total Email Clicks for this month would be 950. You can tell that the second email did better, at least in terms of generating more clicks. Use this data to calculate CTR & CTOR to get a more accurate measure of email performance.

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Date created: Oct 12, 2022

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Date created: Oct 12, 2022

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