What is the difference?

Page Likes vs Post Likes

Page Likes

Post Likes

What is it?

Page Likes, which is mostly applicable to social platforms, counts the number of unique visitors who have liked your page. Tracking this metric is one way to understand the effectiveness of your company’s Facebook page.

Post Likes is a measure of the popularity of social media content on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.The total number of Likes on your post can be an indicator of impression numbers and engagement.


ƒ Count(Page Likes)
ƒ Count(Post Likes)


Your Facebook business page receives a total of 10,000 likes since creation. This number indicates that 10,000 unique visitors have liked your page and are following any updates you may post on your page.

Say you’ve posted 10 updates on your Facebook page this week, and each post gets 100 likes. Your Post Likes at the end of this week would be 1,000.

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