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3 Second Video Views

What is 3 Second Video Views?

3 Second Video Views counts the number of times your video ad was played for 3 seconds or more. It does not usually include replays that take place before a video has been viewed for at least 3 seconds.

How to calculate 3 Second Video Views

ƒ Count(3 Second Video Views)


If your video ad is 15 seconds and was played for more than 3 seconds 100 times, then your 3 Second Video Views is 100. Alternately, say that around 50 times, your video was played for 2 seconds, replayed at the 2 second mark, and closed before it could reach the 3 second mark. In this scenario, your 3 Second Video Views would be 0 because replays do not count towards this total.

More about this metric

3 Second Video Views is a metric made popular by Facebook, as a way of measuring what counts as a Video View. In general, video ads are around 15 seconds or less, so the 3 second mark is a great starting point to distinguish ‘real’ views as opposed to a video auto-playing on a user’s feed while they are scrolling past. Track this metric with other video performance metrics such as Video Engagement Rate to measure your video ad campaign’s success over time.

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