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Account Impressions

What is Account Impressions?

Account Impressions counts the total number of times posts or ads from an account has been viewed by social media users. This count includes multiple views from the same user.

How to calculate Account Impressions

ƒ Count(Account Impressions)


On Instagram, a post is viewed 500 times in one day. The account that posted this content therefore has an Account Impressions count of 500 for that day.

More about this metric

Most business accounts on social media try to grow post impressions because this increases the account’s visibility and the ability to convert traffic to followers or paid customers. Tracking Account Impressions is a great way to understand how often an account’s posts are being viewed.

Account Impressions is the total number of views that posts or ads posted by a single account have collected. This is often used on social media platforms to measure how popular an account’s content is and can also be used to measure the effectiveness of ads.

While Account Impressions can be a useful metric to track engagement, it is better to track it alongside other metrics such as Profile Views and Account Reach. Posts or ads displayed in a user’s feed contribute to Account Impressions even if the user does not interact with them. Therefore, to understand the true value of an account’s content, it is crucial to track multiple metrics including Account Impressions.

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