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Ad Unique Clicks

What is Ad Unique Clicks?

Ad Unique Clicks is a count of the number of people who clicked on your digital advertisement at least once. This is different than Ad Clicks or Total Clicks, because this is a count of the unique people who clicked.

How to calculate Ad Unique Clicks

ƒ Count(Unique Ad Clicks)


Imagine you have an ad in-market and people have started to click on it. You may see data that looks like this: Ad 1: Total Clicks: 14,000 Unique Clicks: 10,000 This means that your ad has been clicked a total of 14,000 times by 10,000 different people.

More about this metric

There are a few things to keep in mind when evaluating Unique Clicks. A browser cookie is usually used to determine Unique Clicks. This means that if you have clicked on an ad, the ad network (like Facebook) has registered that you have clicked. If you click again, it would still count you as a single unique click unless the cookie has expired or been removed. As a result of this, it is possible for some Unique Clicks to be double counted. It is also possible that you could be double counted if you click on a specific ad on your phone and then click on that same ad from your laptop.

This is still a very valuable metric to track, especially when you are tracking performance on smaller ad networks. If you are seeing a large, suspicious discrepancy between your Total Clicks and Unique Clicks then you may want to investigate the potential of ad fraud or inflated data.

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