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Campaign Engagement

What is Campaign Engagement?

Campaign Engagement is the sum of total engagement that has taken place with an ad campaign. This performance metric usually measures a combination of clicks and other interactions such as comments, reactions, and shares.

How to calculate Campaign Engagement

ƒ Sum(Total Post Interactions) + Sum(Campaign Clicks)


A LinkedIn ad campaign consists of two ads. The first ad receives 200 reactions, 10 comments, and 100 clicks to the landing page. The second ad generates 300 reactions, 5 comments, 5 shares, 50 clicks to the LinkedIn page, and 50 follow clicks. The Campaign Engagement for this ad campaign is the sum of these interactions with both ads, summing up to 720.

More about this metric

Campaign Engagement measures the extent of interactions with an ad campaign, generally on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Interaction can range from post reactions to campaign clicks, including follow clicks and clicks to landing pages or LinkedIn pages.

Certain types of engagement may have more value than other types, although any interaction is generally a good thing. For example, it can be argued that a comment on a post is a better form of engagement than a post like because it takes more effort and thought to comment. While all types of engagement are considered equally when measuring Campaign Engagement, an internal ranking that weighs some types of interaction more heavily may be a helpful tool to gauge the success of an ad campaign.

Ad campaigns, especially on social media, aim not only to increase brand awareness, but to increase the number of conversations and interactions with the target audience. Regularly tracking Campaign Engagement over time can help measure the effectiveness of an ad campaign.

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