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Campaign Spend

What is Campaign Spend?

Campaign Spend is the amount of money spent on advertisements within a campaign. A campaign is a grouping of ads organized by a common business objective; a digital marketing campaign achieves this objective via digital channels only.

How to calculate Campaign Spend

ƒ Sum(Campaign Spend)

What is a good Campaign Spend benchmark?

On average, companies spend more than 50% of their total advertising budget on digital marketing campaigns, according to a 2019 study by


A company sells directly to customers and via partners. They have a $1M marketing budget each year. Within this budget, the company runs two campaigns, and allocates $600K towards direct customers, and $400K towards partners.

More about this metric

Digital marketing is increasingly preferred over traditional marketing campaigns. Especially for B2C businesses, a strong online presence can provide a competitive edge and attract high volumes of traffic, therefore strengthening brand awareness.

A campaign is a group of ads organized by a common business objective and generally aims to capture a particular target segment. It is therefore important to measure campaign spend and effectiveness as opposed to tracking only ad spend because this gives a clear picture of overall brand awareness within a segment . The amount of money spent on digital advertisements within a campaign is known as the Digital Campaign Spend. Digital advertisements include display ads, social media, search engine ads, and email marketing.

On average, companies spend between 30% to more than 50% of their advertising budgets on digital marketing. This varies by industry, size of business, and target audience. The effectiveness of these campaigns, or the return on investment, is usually measured by impressions gained from the campaign. A higher number of impressions indicates a more successful digital marketing campaign.

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