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Cost Per Inline Link Click

What is Cost Per Inline Link Click?

Cost Per Inline Link Click is the average amount of money spent per click on links contained in advertisements. It is calculated by dividing the total amount of money spent on ads by the total number of clicks on links within the ads and is a variation of Cost Per Click (CPC).

How to calculate Cost Per Inline Link Click

ƒ Sum(Ad Spend) / Count(Inline Link Clicks)

What is a good Cost Per Inline Link Click benchmark?

According to a 2020 study of Facebook Ad benchmarks, the average Cost Per Link Click is $0.15.


A Facebook ad has an inline link to the company’s website. The money spent on the advertisement totals to $200 and there is a total of 500 clicks on the website link. The ad’s Cost Per Inline Link Click is $0.40.

More about this metric

Cost Per Click (CPC) has several variations that are most commonly tracked by marketing professionals. The underlying concept of CPC is measuring the return on ad spend. Tracking the cost of clicks is one way to understand and improve an ad campaign.

An inline link is a clickable URL that is posted in the body or contents of an advertisement. This practice is common on social media ad platforms such as Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads. An inline link click consists only of clicks on actual links in the ad as opposed to clicks elsewhere on the ad (likes, shares, clicking to view an image in the ad).

When a user clicks on an inline link, the action counts toward the total number of inline link clicks for that ad. The sum of Ad Spend for an ad divided by the number of inline link clicks generated by the ad gives Cost Per Inline Link Click.

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