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Cost Per Inline Post Engagement

What is Cost Per Inline Post Engagement?

Cost Per Inline Post Engagement is the average cost of each inline engagement with an advertisement on social media. It is calculated by dividing the total amount of money spent on ads by the total number of engagements with the ads and is a variation of Cost Per Click (CPC).

How to calculate Cost Per Inline Post Engagement

ƒ Sum(Ad Spend) / Count(Inline Post Engagement)


An ad posted on Instagram costs $100 and gets 100 likes, 20 comments, and 30 visits to the company’s website. The Cost Per Inline Post Engagement for the ad is $0.67.

More about this metric

Cost Per Click (CPC) has several variations that are most commonly tracked by marketers. The underlying concept of CPC is measuring the return on ad spend. Tracking the cost of clicks is one way to understand and improve an ad campaign.

Inline Post Engagements include any action taken on an ad, generally on social media. This includes Likes, Shares, Comments, Video Starts and Watches, and Clicks. Each action counts as one Inline Post Engagement, and dividing the cost of the ad by the total number of Inline Post Engagement the ad generated measures the Cost Per Inline Post Engagement. Tracking this metric is a good way to map ad reach, engagement, and return on investment over time.

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