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Cost Per Unique Click

What is Cost Per Unique Click?

Cost Per Unique Click is the average amount of money spent for each unique click on links in advertisements. Generally, unique clicks include link clicks, clicks to view profile pages, engagement such as likes and shares, and clicks to view media.

How to calculate Cost Per Unique Click

ƒ Sum(Advertising Costs) / Count(Unique Clicks)


A company spent $100 out of their maximum budget on a Facebook ad campaign which received 500 unique clicks so far. The Cost Per Unique Click for this campaign is $0.20.

More about this metric

Cost Per Unique Click helps measure the return on ad spend by calculating the average campaign spend on each unique click the ad campaign has received. Unique clicks, as opposed to Cost Per Click (CPC) which includes multiple clicks from the same person, represents the number of individuals who have clicked the advertisement. Clicks are a broad range of actions that includes link clicks, profile page clicks, likes, shares, and clicks to expand and view media.

It is important to understand how your ad platform of choice calculates these metrics. For example, Facebook Ads uses estimated figures based on an internal forecasting model to measure Cost Per Unique Click, Cost Per Link Click, number of unique clicks, and other metrics.

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