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Customer Conversion Rate

What is Customer Conversion Rate?

Customer Conversion Rate is the percentage of contacts that convert to won customers

How to calculate Customer Conversion Rate

ƒ Count(Won Customers) / Count(Contacts)


Say you have 2,000 contacts on HubSpot. Over time, 200 of these contacts convert to paying customers. This means that your Customer Conversion Rate is 10%.

More about this metric

Contacts are collected through marketing campaigns including surveys, subscriptions, and other promotional content that requires users to offer information about themselves. It is helpful to maintain a database of contacts to track how many of them convert into won customers.

Customer Conversion Rate is a measure of how successful your sales effort is in moving contacts down the funnel to paying customers. If this number increases over time, you can assume that your contacts are generally high quality and fit your product, and that your sales strategy is proving to be effective.

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