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Email Hard Bounce Rate

What is Email Hard Bounce Rate?

Email Hard Bounce Rate is the percentage of sent emails that are not delivered due to permanent, irreversible causes. Hard bounces usually result in the sender receiving a message of permanent failure.

How to calculate Email Hard Bounce Rate

ƒ Count(Email Hard Bounces) / Count(Emails Sent)


A business that receives 3 hard bounces from 1,000 emails sent has an Email Hard Bounce Rate of 0.3%.

More about this metric

An Email Hard Bounce occurs when an email does not reach the recipient due to permanent issues such as invalid addresses, server shutdowns, or misspelled email addresses. Email Hard Bounce Rate gives the percentage of emails sent that are hard bounces.

To bring down your Email Hard Bounce Rate, try to maintain a clean and updated email list. Following best practices such as double opt-in and email verification while adding contacts to your email list will usually keep your bounce rate to a minimum.

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