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Email Open Rate

What is Email Open Rate?

Email Open Rate is the percentage of all delivered emails that are opened by recipients. A high Email Open Rate indicates that your email has captured the interest of your recipients and ensures that your message is seen by your target audience.

How to calculate Email Open Rate

ƒ Count(Emails Opened) / Count(Emails Sent)

What is a good Email Open Rate benchmark?

According to a 2021 email marketing benchmark study by Campaign Monitor, the average Email Open Rate across multiple industries is 18%.


If you send an email to 1,000 contacts on your email list, and 250 contacts open then email, your Email Open Rate is 25%.

More about this metric

When you send a marketing email to your email list, one of the key metrics to look for is Email Open Rate. This number measures the percentage of recipients that have opened your email upon receiving it in their inbox.

Factors that influence this number include interesting subject lines, how relevant the email is to the recipient, the frequency of emails, and the quality of email contacts. You should aim for this number to grow over time, while testing out combinations of subject lines, email frequency, and target lists to identify the best email marketing strategy for your campaign.

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