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Email Soft Bounce Rate

What is Email Soft Bounce Rate?

Email Soft Bounce Rate is the percentage of emails out of the total number of sent emails that have not been delivered to the recipient due to temporary technical issues.

How to calculate Email Soft Bounce Rate

ƒ Count(Email Soft Bounces) / Count(Emails Sent)


If you send emails to 1,000 contacts on your email list and receive a bounce back notice from 3 contacts, then your Email Soft Bounce Rate is 0.3%.

More about this metric

Email Soft Bounce Rate lets you measure the amount of potentially low-quality email contacts in your list. If you find that your Email Soft Bounce Rate increases over time, you might want to revise how you collect and maintain your email list.

Soft bounces are usually temporary failures that might be resolved without intervention. However, an email address that repeatedly sends a delivery failure notice might be marked as a hard bounce, therefore increasing your Email Hard Bounce Rate.

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