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Emails Opened

What is Emails Opened?

Emails Opened is the number of unique recipients who opened your email. Because the number of people who open your email impacts every other downstream metric, such as clicks, it makes sense to pay special attention to this one.

How to calculate Emails Opened

ƒ Count(Emails Opened)

What is a good Emails Opened benchmark?

According to Campaign Monitor, the average Email Open Rate is 17.9% (Dec 2018). Mailchimp claims this number to be 20.8% (Mar 2018).

More about this metric

Optimizing the number of recipients who open your email is all about list quality, segmenting and targeting audience, your brand trust, and writing really good subject lines.

Keep in mind that over half of emails delivered are now being read on mobile devices. So, be obsessive about your "from", "subject", and "opening paragraph". Make sure they are mobile friendly.

The most important factor in opening any email is the senders name. Your brand reputation is therefore one of the most critical factors to protect. And the best way to build a strong and lasting brand relationship is by providing genuine value - segment your audience and make sure you don't send irrelevant content.

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