Form Completions

Date created: Nov 24, 2020  •   Last updated: Nov 26, 2020

What is Form Completions?

Form Completions is the count of unique submissions of a form displayed on a website. Businesses use forms for multiple purposes, ranging from customer support to product inquiries. Tracking this metric is a good way to gather standardized information from customers or gauge interest in a product or brand.

Alternate names: Form Submissions


ƒ Count(Form Completions)

How to calculate

A company’s website has two separate forms: one for complaints and another to register for a newsletter. In one week, five people submitted complaints and 95 people registered for the newsletter. In this scenario, the Form Completions for the week is 100.

Form Completions

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More about this metric

Forms are popular features on most business websites. They can be used to open a dialogue with customers regarding product specifications, customer support, and other general topics. Forms are also an efficient way to generate leads for the business, for example, in front of a high value piece of content.

Form Completions is a type of marketing goal where a customer or visitor to a website submits a form. Multiple submissions from the same user still count as individual Form Completions. A wealth of insights can be gained from Form Analytics, including the specific field that prevents a customer from completing their forms, the number of Form Completions over time, the number of forms viewed, and the type of form submitted.