Form Interactions

Date created: Dec 24, 2020  •   Last updated: Dec 24, 2020

What is Form Interactions?

Form Interactions is the count of interactions that users have had with your web form. An interaction includes clicks, form entries, clicking a field to fill in information, and form abandonment. By tracking Form Interactions, you can learn where and why users abandon your forms, and how to modify your form to best capture your target audience.


ƒ Count(Form Interactions)

How to calculate

Say you use a LinkedIn Lead Gen form to get LinkedIn users to sign up for a webinar your company is organizing. You will then be able to track form analytics, which includes Form Interactions. If your form has 200 button clicks, 500 fields filled, and 300 abandonments, your total Form Interactions would be 1,000.

Form Interactions

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More about this metric

Forms are popular features on most business websites and marketing platforms such as HubSpot. They can be used to open a dialogue with customers, regarding product specifications, customer support, and other general topics. Forms are also an efficient way to obtain subscribers and even paying customers.

Form Interactions count the number of times users perform a set of actions on your form, including clicks, submissions, characters entered into fields, and form abandonment. When you track this number, you can compare it with other Form Analytics metrics to gauge your form’s performance. For example, Form Interactions can be tracked against Form Submissions to judge trends as positive or negative. If Interactions increase but Submissions decrease, this means that the form is pushing away or not interesting users. If both Interactions and Submissions trend up, this can be taken as a positive trend.

Many third party applications exist that allow you to extensively record and analyse Form Interactions and other form metrics. Forms allow a deep study of your audience’s behaviour. The data collected from form analytics, especially Form Interactions, can be used for retargeting and reaching a target segment that is more likely to convert.

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