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Form Views

What is Form Views?

A Form View is the count of user views of a page containing a form. It is different from Form Submissions because the user does not have to submit the form for it to count as a view.

How to calculate Form Views

ƒ Count(Form Views)


Say you create a HubSpot form to collect subscribers to your newsletter. You then publish this form on every blog article on your website. A week after the form was published, you see that your form has been viewed a total of 5,000 times across your blog. Your Form Views at the end of the week is 5,000.

More about this metric

Forms are a popular feature on most websites and marketing platforms such as HubSpot. They can be used to open a dialogue with customers regarding product specifications, customer support, and other general topics. Forms are also an efficient way to obtain subscribers and other paying customers.

When a user loads a form, it counts as a Form View even if they do not submit the form. What counts as loading a form includes loading a page with a form and loading a pop-up form. By tracking Form Views, the website owner can measure the impressions collected by the form over time. Mapping this against Form Submissions can give a view of how successfully the form has convinced users to submit information, which is especially useful when the form has a call-to-action such as subscription.

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