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Form Visibles

What is Form Visibles?

Form Visibles is the count of the number of times hidden forms or form fields are made visible by the click of a button or another trigger action performed by the user. Often, forms can be hidden until the user reveals them. This can be used to measure the extent of the user’s interest in the website and to target certain user segments.

How to calculate Form Visibles

ƒ Count(Form Visibles)


On your website’s landing page, say you have a pop-up form that appears only when the user clicks a button to subscribe to a newsletter. Last week, 50 users subscribed to the newsletter, triggering the form to pop-up on the screen. The count of Form Visibles is 50 for last week.

More about this metric

Forms are popular features on most business websites and marketing platforms such as HubSpot. They can be used to open a dialogue with customers, regarding product specifications, customer support, and other general topics. Forms are also an efficient way to obtain subscribers and even paying customers.

It is not always advisable to show forms to website visitors. Targeting a certain group of users who would be more likely to submit a form based on actions they have taken, preferably in the recent past, will more likely result in a higher Contact to Customer Conversion Rate.

The number of Form Visibles trending up is good if your trigger involves the user actively performing an action, such as clicking a button. If your trigger is an action that does not actively involve the user, such as time spent on page, then trending up can still be good, but may also be more neutral or coincidental.

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