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Goal Completions

What is Goal Completions?

A Goal represents a completed activity that you have defined as important to the success of your website or business. Goals can capture a number of completed actions, such as completing a form, downloading a brochure, or making a purchase. Goals and in particular Goal Conversion Rate are vital in measuring the effectiveness of your website and business objectives.

Alternate names: Conversions, Goals

How to calculate Goal Completions

ƒ Count(Goal Completions)

More about this metric

When using Goals with Google Analytics, Goals can be categorized into four types:

Destination Goals: When a specific location loads.

Duration Goals: When a session lasts longer than a specified amount of time.

Pages/Screens per Session Goals: When a user views a number of pages or screens.

Event Goals: When a defined action, an Event, is triggered. An Event will be counted as a Goal only once per session even if it was triggered multiple times.

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Here is Google Analytics explaining what Goals are and how to use them.

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