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Goal Conversion Rate

What is Goal Conversion Rate?

Goal Conversion Rate is the percentage of user sessions that have led to goal conversions. A goal is a predefined user action that takes place during a user session on a website.

How to calculate Goal Conversion Rate

ƒ Count(Goal Conversions) / Count(Sessions)


Say you are tracking the number of signups to your newsletter as one of your goals. If 100 newsletter signups take place during 1,000 sessions, then your Goal Conversion Rate for this goal is 10%.

More about this metric

Most website analytics tools allow account owners to set website goals that can be tracked. A goal for a website is any action that brings value to the audience and ultimately generates interest in the website, forming relationships with users.

During a session, if a user performs an action that is tracked as a goal, this counts as a Goal Conversion. The number of goal conversions divided by the number of sessions, expressed as a percentage, is known as the Goal Conversion Rate. Tracking this number helps measure how effective the calls to action are in the website.

At the campaign level, this number does not necessarily have much meaning because it is an aggregate of individual Goal Conversion Rates. It is important to track the conversion rate of individual goals in addition to the overall Goal Conversion Rate to identify areas of the business that need improvement.

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