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Goal Conversions

What is Goal Conversions?

Goal Conversions is the count of the number of goals that have been completed during a session on a website. Goals are predefined user actions indicating that campaign objectives are met.

How to calculate Goal Conversions

ƒ Count(Goal Conversions)


A website has three goals corresponding to specific user actions: making a purchase, viewing a video, or subscribing to a newsletter. If every goal is completed 10 times each in one week, then the number of Goal Conversions for that week is 30.

More about this metric

In marketing, goals are predetermined user actions that bring value to the business, the customer, or both. When these goals are performed by a user during a session, the goals are marked complete. The act of completing a marketing goal is known as a Goal Conversion.

Goal Conversions is tracked using website analytics platforms such as Google Analytics because it measures how effective the calls to action are on the website. Tracking this metric is also a great way to analyze the overall converting power of the current marketing strategy.

Goal Conversions is different from Goal Completions. Goal Completions measures the number of visitors that complete a goal while Goal Conversions measures the number of goals that have been achieved. It is possible for the same visitor to complete a goal multiple times, so Goal Conversions has potential to be higher than Goal Completions.

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