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Inline Link Clicks

What is Inline Link Clicks?

Inline Link Clicks is the count of the number of times links posted in the contents of your ad are clicked on.

How to calculate Inline Link Clicks

ƒ Count(Inline Link Clicks)


Your business creates a page on LinkedIn and posts a piece of content that contains inline links. This link is clicked 500 times, and this number is your total Inline Link Clicks.

More about this metric

An inline link is a clickable URL that is posted in the body or contents of an advertisement. This practice is common on social media ad platforms such as Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads. When a user clicks on an inline link, the action counts toward the total number of inline link clicks for that ad. By tracking this metric, you can measure how effective your content is in converting casual readers to becoming more engaged users, while also redirecting them towards your website, online store, or other online resource that places them further in the funnel than merely awareness.

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