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Link Clicks

What is Link Clicks?

Links Clicks is the count of the number of times your links in ad text, media, or call-to-action have been clicked. Links can lead to destinations within or outside the social media platform where your ad is published.

How to calculate Link Clicks

ƒ Count(Link Clicks)


A Facebook Ad published by a personal safety equipment manufacturer contains a link to their online store. Once this ad is published, users click the link to visit the online store a total of 1,000 times. In this situation, the count of Link Clicks for this ad is 1,000.

More about this metric

One of the best ways to extract value for your business from ads is by including a link to a link either within or outside of the platform where you’ve posted your ad. By including a link in the body of your ad, you clearly express what it is you want users to do when they see your ad.

Links can direct users to your landing page, product page, or your business page on social media, for example. In addition to tracking Link Clicks, it is a good practice to also measure Click-Through Rate to further understand how many people are clicking your link compared to the number of times the ad is viewed.

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