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Online Shopper Conversion Rate

What is Online Shopper Conversion Rate?

Online Shopper Conversion Rate informs business owners of the likelihood of a sale when a user visits their e-commerce store. This metric looks at the total number of sales divided by the count of the site's total visitors over a defined period.

How to calculate Online Shopper Conversion Rate

ƒ Count(Number of Sales) / Count(Number of Visitors)


Company ABC has 100 sales over two weeks from Nov 29, 2020 - Dec 13, 2020. Over that period, they had 650 site visitors. 100 / 650 = 15.38% Online Shopper Conversion Rate. This company can expect a sale 15.38% of the time a user comes to their store. They can use this metric as a way to benchmark their baseline performance. If they implement additional marketing and sales tactics, they might be able to increase this rate as one metric to determine campaign success.

More about this metric

Online Shopper Conversion Rate is a valuable metric to determine how effective marketing and sales efforts are for an e-commerce site. This can give business owners insights into how the e-commerce store performs today and be used as a benchmark when testing new marketing and sales strategies. This metric is important when testing new product placement and marketing tactics to see if any new strategy can move the needle and increase the conversion rate.

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